a fight for equal prizes

Marta Kostyuk He wanted to enter fully into one of the great debates that are opening up in the world of sport and in particular tennis. It is that of the supposed equality which must reign in the prizes which are distributed. In this case, in these tournaments which take place under more or less … Read more

new calendar and more income

The world of tennis is used to living in constant evolution. Racquet sport is one of the worlds that tries the most to adapt to new times. Sometimes he succeeds and other times he becomes the focus of criticism, as has happened now with Wimbledon for his veto of Russian and Belarusian players. It also … Read more

From Naomi Osaka’s depression to Jelena Dokic’s suicide attempt

Elite sport often requires superhuman effort from athletes. Sometimes it’s physical, but sometimes it’s mental. And it is precisely there, when the psychological side of people and athletes is strained, that the biggest ghosts of stars appear. A universe in which you usually see a lot of darkness and a lot of darkness is tennis. … Read more

from the loss of Djokovic to the criticism of the circuit

Related News the war that Russia caused in Ukraine continues to have great repercussions in the world of sport. One of the sectors most present in the conflict is tennis, in particular because of the measures that have been taken in some tournaments. There, who takes the cake, it’s the direction of the All England … Read more

Badosa, Alcaraz and the other heirs of the greatest

Related News to be a tennis player Spain In recent years, it has become a risky profession. the figure of Rafael Nadal he is so big that he has eclipsed almost any record or success that other tennis players have achieved despite the fact that they may have been equally important. However, the Balearic player … Read more

what it’s like to play tennis while still being injured

Sung Xoel Lopez in one of his band songs Luxury that “to live is to learn to see in the dark”, and something like that is how the members of a tennis player’s team feel when he is injured. In an individual sport, where competition is played virtually non-stop from January to November, where most … Read more

the philosophies of Alcaraz and Djokovic to turn children into tennis stars

Related News Carlos Alcaraz continues to mark the history of the world of tennis. At 19, he became champion of the Master1000 of the capital of Spainthe Mutua Madrid Open. This is his second major success of the season after lifting the Miami Masters 1000. Two achievements, as well as the tournaments of acapulco Yes … Read more

ex nº1 takes up writing to help children

Related News This year 2022 has been a real rollercoaster for Ashley Barty. The tennis player made history by winning the australian open after many years without a professional Aussie managed to win at home. Then came the big surprise of the year in the WTA: the world number 1 has decided to retire. At … Read more

Six Spanish tennis players disabled by one of amaos’ biggest plots

Madrid, May 6 (EFE).- Six Spanish tennis players who were convicted for taking part in “one of the biggest conspiracies ever” of match-fixing have been banned from playing or participating in the sport for periods ranging from seven to 22, the International Tennis Integrity Agency (ITIA) reported. During the trial held last Wednesday before the … Read more