Campazzo revealed who his favorite and surprised NBA player is: who he prefers to Jordan

In full preparation for the 2023 World Cup qualifiers and the next season of NBA, Facundo Campazzo He left his hometown of Cordoba for a few days to visit the autonomous city of Buenos Aires. Just as he has been closely following the National Basketball League champion Institute’s campaign in recent weeks, the former Denver … Read more

Facundo Campazzo: “To be an NBA player, I need my best version” | Interview with the leader of the Argentinian basketball team

Facundo Campazzo is authentic. As demanding as it is realistic. For this reason, while he spends his days in C√≥rdoba, sharing training and a social life with his family and friends, he is not at the extreme when he has to analyze his second season in the NBA in conversation. with page 12. He criticizes … Read more

Campazzo talked about everything: his record in the NBA, the future and does America play with the national team?

The NBA continues, the conference semifinals are scorching with spectacular matches and spicy crossovers between the main figures. But with the Denver Nuggets eliminated in the first round of the playoffs, Facundo Campazzo he stopped the ball, took refuge in his native Cordoba and intensified individual technical work with an Argentine coach who specialized in … Read more

Campazzo’s plan to continue in the NBA is in motion: “He’s not stupid, he knows that…”

The 2021/22 season of NBA didn’t end in the best way Facundo Campazzo. Without relevant participation in the second part of the regular phase and with a similar scenario in the series against the Golden State Warriors in the playoffs, the cordovan will face its first “low season”, the period of the year when the … Read more

Campazzo’s future in the NBA: when he becomes free and which teams could offer him a contract

Denver was ruled out of the Playoffs, the Cordoba point guard will be released in June and nothing seems to indicate that he will continue with the Nuggets: what options does he have to continue in the best league in the world? The Denver nuggets from Facundo Campazzo lost first-round playoff NBA in view of … Read more