Stephen Curry and his unparalleled impact on the NBA

When Stephen Curry was selected with #7 in the NBA Draft by Golden State Warriors in 2009, the California team was an unsuccessful franchise and yearned for a star that would elevate them to the league’s elite. Carl DellStephen Curry’s father, revealed in an interview with NBC Sports television his rejection of the idea of … Read more

The NBA Finals is “Red Hot”

The exciting NBA Final Series, the continuation of the Yankees’ good time and the start of voting for the All-Star Game, make up our sports summary of the week The Golden State Warriors and Boston Celticsare tied at two games apiece in the NBA Finals, it couldn’t be more interesting, and it’s not for less, … Read more

The NBA has less physical aggression but more “symbolic violence”

According to a study published on Wednesday, although physical attacks have decreased, the increase in “symbolic violence” in the NBA, such as insults, bragging and bodily gestures, is a present and constant fact in practically all games. To carry out this analysis, published in the scientific journal PLOS Aexperts looked at NBA broadcasts between 1998 … Read more

The NBA playoffs are “Red Hot”

The NBA playoff second-round series are already set, and the Yankees, continuing their blistering pace, are part of our sports summary this week. After completing the first round of the playoffs of NBAin which, although the favorite teams advanced, with the exception of the Brooklyn Nets, who were surprisingly swept away by the Celtics, some … Read more