COMPANY / Shoes made from recycled tennis balls, NoTime’s innovative Spanish project

The NoTime brand is an example of entrepreneurship, innovation, sustainability and social commitment. All this through a pair of shoes. Currently, society is experiencing an unprecedented climate crisis with high pollution rates and millions of single-use items being thrown away every day, and it is not easy to find real and effective solutions to this … Read more

Royal Society | ‘Chini Pizarro’: ‘I’ve been through a lot in football, but this final touched my heart’

This Sunday, La Real wants to put the icing on the cake of an unforgettable season that will end with obtaining second place and, above all, the classification of the blue and white team for the Women’s Champions League. All is praise for a group of footballers who have made history and who will carry … Read more

Cycling and amateur football are the sports with the most sudden deaths

A forensic study of the University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU) concludes that sports-associated sudden death has ‘very low’ incidence and affects “middle-aged men” they practice normally “recreational sport”. Besides, The main origin of this type of sudden death is cardiovascular. the Amateur cycling and soccer are the sports with the most sudden deaths. The … Read more