Chun Hsin Tseng, the new star of world tennis

Chun Hsin Tseng He would never have imagined, when he was little and training with his father on the small courts of Taiwan, that one day he would be among the greatest elite in the world of tennis. The Top 100 He opened doors for her at supersonic speed, crossing barriers that seemed difficult to … Read more

Revolution in world tennis: longer premium tournaments and more money for players

The Association of Professional Tennis Players (ATP) has just approved a strategic plan called Onevisionacross which players and tournament organizers will share 50% of event profitsas announced in a statement from the governing body of men’s tennis. The wrath of God arrives on Netflix: what is the disturbing Argentinian thriller with Diego Peretti about? The … Read more

Berrettini and a return to tennis with a winning mentality

In the world of tennis, dealing with injuries is one of the biggest problems a tennis player can face. Having to put your “machinery” on standby, accepting to miss months of competition, keeping the courage and ambition to face the recovery with the same strength as always. If this injury also causes you to miss … Read more

Interview Solana Sierra, the new gem of Argentine tennis

It almost never happens, but there are times when you don’t have to lift the championship title to gain public recognition. Solana Sierra (Mar del Plata, 2004) is a clear example of this, a recent finalist in the last Roland Garros Junior and, nevertheless, received in large measure by all the international press. To the … Read more

“Playing without points at Wimbledon is crazy”

Chilean tennis player Christian Garin sharply criticized the ATP for his decision to leave Wimbledon without points for the classification, a measure that was taken as a sanction against the All England Club for having banned the participation of Russian or Belarusian tennis players due to the conflict in Ukraine. For Francois Arellano 2022-05-26 22:15 … Read more

Nadal: “I’m focused on tennis, not on my physical problems”

Raphael Nadal continues to expand its legend in Roland Garros 2022 and comes back to claim another victory – the 107th – after beating the French tennis player, Corentin Moutet. Nadal continues to mentalize and prepare for the next rounds, where, if all goes according to plan, he could meet Novak Djokovic in a hypothetical … Read more

Millman brutally fires Wimbledon

we are complete Roland Garros 2022but the tennis world, which includes players, tournaments, managers and fans, continues to talk about what can happen in London in just over a month. Wimbledon 2022 all eyes are on the huge controversy surrounding the British tournament: first, because of his decision to sanction belarusian and russian players (they … Read more