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William Contreras put the Atlanta Braves in trouble. Since the start of the season, he has started to increase his attacking numbers in a formation lacking in production. That’s why manager Brian Snitker started exploring other options for playing Creole. The team’s backup receiver will start to see playing time in the woods.

In the series against the Miami Marlins, he took off two rockets and was one of the important pieces to lead the Southerners in this divisional confrontation. Now against the Philadelphia Phillies, will defend the left forest of the Braves. Already at the start of the campaign, Brian Snitker had warned that if necessary he would be placed in the outfield.

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All of his home run production has him passing Salvador Pérez and his brother Willson for the lead in home runs for an MLB catcher. In an interview published by The Athletic, he was asked if he thought he could compete with his brother. “I know the player he is, so I’m not going to start this competition with him. But I have nothing but love, respect and admiration for my brother. He’s my baseball player prefer.”

His arrival in MLB was an unexpected move, since his compatriot Manny Piña was sent to the disabled list. It was later revealed that he would miss the season and this paved the way for William to be the reserve receiver on the Braves’ roster. “He took advantage of this opportunity very well,” manager Snitker said of Contreras. “His whole game, really, has been very good. Travis (D’Arnaud) can’t catch up every day at this point,” he claimed of the Creole’s performance.

In addition to his production upfront, he was also able to bond with the Atlanta pitching staff. Although he says he has a lot to learn from his brother Willson. “I feel good and that’s it: knowing the pitchers, knowing them very well, having confidence in myself, feeling relaxed, not putting pressure on myself. And just knowing that I can sing a good game and call a good game,” he told The Athletic in his own words.

Even though William Contreras hasn’t had a lot of batting attacks, and that’s not something he’s worried about in the short term. “I’m (excited), really, with all the development,” he said. “Especially if I had to reduce it to being right behind the plate. I’m (excited) because last year was particularly difficult for me. So getting through this tough time and being able to come here excites me.” Creole finished.

Venezuelan bats for average of .242 with OBP of .342, however, he boasts an astronomical slugging percentage of 0.788 with an OPS of 1,130. So far this crop has connected eight hits and six of them have gone to the street.


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