Youngsters from the University Sports League football teams had a dream week in Madrid – Ovation – 05/17/2022

Nine days. A thousand stories. Five training sessions, 15 friendly matches, happiness, emotions, coexistence and exemplary behavior. It was the tour of the youth teams of the University League sports for Spain.

The delegation, which included 86 players from the Under-16, Under-18 and Under-20 categories, as well as coaching staff, staff and managers, returned to Montevideo this morning and returned with suitcases full of unforgettable experiences.

It was a dream trip for players who play with friends weekend after weekend and now, for nine days, have clung to an almost professional diet and more than filled it. And not only performance and results, but also people. The groups grew stronger in the face of every adverse and favorable situation, there was coexistence, camaraderie and a lot of respect.

Philippe Pereiracaptain of the under-16 team, spoke with Ovation to Madrid and said that “it was a very good trip, which first served to get to know each other since we spent a lot of time together, we were at the hotel, in training, on the way to matches and that that’s what I take with me the most, but I also have the level of play we face and the fact of having been able to discover a new country for us”.

Madrid University Sports League.
Madrid University Sports League.

The Sub 16 played a total of five games with a record of three wins, one draw and one loss with a record of 11 goals for and eight against. On the other hand, Ignacio Moreno, who took the tape in the Sub 18, commented that “this experience has been one of the best of my life, without a doubt, and what I take with me is c is a group of players who have become a family and who will never forget this trip because from now on we will continue to meet in barbecues and in the future with children”.

The U18 youth team played a total of five games with one win and four losses with 10 goals converted and snow conceded.

For Felipe Viera, captain of the Sub 20, this experience in Spain “was something spectacular because it transformed the group in every way. From the first training until today we had a lot of good things and here we live the sacrifice of each game, and the experiences on and off the pitch because we got to know a new country and another culture”.

In Sub 20, Celeste University also played five games in Madrid, winning two, drawing two and falling in the last with eight goals scored and three conceded.

Atlético de Madrid trains with Suárez and Josema

Madrid University Sports League.
Madrid University Sports League.

The week in Spain with the planning of Elite Sports Experience, the agency that coordinated all the details, included training sessions at the Wanda Alcalá de Henares sports center of Atlético de Madrid, friendly matches against the team of young people from Colchonero, a tour of the Wanda Metropolitano, through Madrid and through the historic city of Toledo.

And as icing on the cake, the presence in the practice of Madrid athlete on Saturday with a meeting with Prof. oscar ortega, Jose Maria Gimenez Yes Luis Suarezwho said goodbye to Aleti fans at Wanda on Sunday.

From the LUD, the general secretary Nepomucene Saravia He traveled with the delegation and said that “this trip marks a before and after for the League. It was spectacular and we had praise for the boys for their excellent behavior, from the airline staff to the Atlético de Madrid professionals and the hotel staff. Everything was wonderful and a unique experience for the players who raised their level and lived up to it. You can see the evolution they have had thanks to the excellent work of the coaching staff. It is a source of pride for everyone and I hope this trip will be the first in a long series”.

The same time, Diego Suarezcoordinator of university selections, tells Ovation that “it was a positive experience because an idea that came like crazy, something very distant seven months ago has become a reality that everyone has been able to enjoy thanks to the support of many people and thanks to the work of an exceptional group that has been committed from the start. The inter-institutional coordination with the League clubs, the essential support of sponsors, the support of families, the commitment of players and the company of managers, have made it possible to achieve this experience which undoubtedly sets a very positive precedent and supports this project for the League teams”.

Madrid University Sports League.
Madrid University Sports League.

The National Sports Secretary He also said he was present in Spain through his Federated Sports Zone coordinator, Eduardo Ulloa, who pointed out that “seeing the boys having fun is very nice, but also being able to compare the amateurism of the beloved college league with boys who are still amateurs because of their age but they have facilities and top professionals”.

Diego Rodrigo, commercial director of Midinero, main sponsor of the LUD selection process, also spoke with Ovación and underlined that “this trip has been an incredible and very pleasant experience because it only represents what the League can generate because those of us who have We also feel lucky to be able to be there and play and that is reflected in these types of trips”.

The University League closed an incredible experience with a dream week for the Madrid players that they will never forget.


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