Puebla, venue for the 2022 National Junior Tennis Tournament

This Tuesday was presented National Youth Tennis Tournament Puebla 2022 which will take place from July 16 to 23 in various courts of prestigious clubs in the capital of Puebla.

The event has the joint work of the Mexican Tennis Federation (FMT), the Poblana Tennis Association (APT), as well as the authorities of the Puebla City Council and the State Government.

In the presentation of the event, the president of the APT and vice-president of the FMT, Enrique Nunezpublished the details of the championship and pointed out that it is a great opportunity for Puebla to be placed on the list of cities that organize events of this magnitude.

“The national tournaments are those with the highest hierarchy and the highest score, they take place five per year, two in winter and three in summer. Our city has the opportunity to host one that will have around 650 players from across the country.”

He explained that this type of tournaments become relevant throughout the year, therefore, the importance of making the most of events in sport but also in the field of tourism.

“It represents a perfect setting for the development and promotion of tennis, as well as for the tourist promotion of the city and the state”, he pointed.

Enrique Nunez also added that the National Junior Tennis Tournament This could not have been done without the union of various sectors such as the FMT, the APT, in addition to the authorities at the municipal and state levels.

For his part, the tournament director, Christian Felmanexplained that the championship will start on July 16 with a qualifying round that will last until the 17th.

From 18 to 23, the to design principal in six prestigious clubs of the capital of Puebla where more than 1400 matches are expected in the two branches and in single and double modalities.

On the other hand, Christian Feldmann added that the National Youth Tennis Tournament It will be played in the categories of minors of 10-12-14-16 and 18 years old.

The tournament organizers agreed that these types of championships aim to raise the level of national tennis. In the case of Puebla, being the placewill allow a greater advantage for players and parents to be present, given its geographical proximity to neighboring entities that they practice the white sport.

On the other hand, they pointed out that the Puebla 2022 National Youth Tennis Tournament will leave the Puebla entity with an economic spill. nearly 35 million pesos.

Finally, those responsible for the Poblano Sports Institute and the Municipal Sports Institute, Yadira Lira and Antonio Iriarte, agreed that the fact that Puebla hosts a championship will allow young people to have the possibility of participate and learn about the level of high competition in our country.

On the other hand, they saved the fact that this class of events encourages the motivation of new generations to become physically active and have an example to follow to achieve their goals.


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