The elite of South American tennis will have a date in the port: They give the green light to the ATP Challenger Coquimbo tournament

From May 8 to 14, the “Dove Men+Care Challenger 2022” will be held at the Coquimbo Tennis Club, an ATP event that will be completely free for the community, thanks to the resources provided by the regional government, so that the region is once again the protagonist of major international sporting events.

A request made by Horacio de La Peña during a meeting with the regional governor, Krist Naranjo, to promote high-level sport in this area and be a global showcase for this important meeting.

“As a regional government it was very important to be able to carry out this initiative, we have no doubts at any time that we can support this Challenger, we believe that we are also promoting our region through this at international level with a tournament South American, so it is very relevant for us in the sense of strengthening the sport of our region and giving the green light to this tournament”, assured the governor.

For his part, the former tennis player and organizer of this event, Horacio de La Peña, said: “I’m super happy to be able to continue taking tennis to all the regions of Chile, it seemed very bad to me that a region like Coquimbo hadn’t had an international tournament for 16 years, if they want the sport to continue to spread throughout the country, the boys must watch international tennis, they must be infected with energy, l effort, how beautiful and difficult it is for them to have very good examples, so it’s good for the boys, the girls, the whole community to continue to promote tennis and I hope it will be The first of a long series”.

In this way, the public will be able to see players like Tomás Barrios or the Argentinian Santiago Rodríguez Taverna, Gonzalo Lama, Andrea Collarini, Facundo Díaz or the Colombian Nicolás Mejía, who will play all or nothing for the 80 ATP points he gives to the champion of this tournament, the same amount for the pairs.

But the competition acquires even more relevance, since the points they will obtain will seal the classification at Roland Garros, the second Grand Slam of the season.

The competition will close a three-tournament tour that started in Buenos Aires, then Salvador Bahía and now reaches the port area.

This was underlined by the mayor of Coquimbo, Ali Manouchehri, “we have great challenges in a municipality which must begin to inculcate and bring sport, its principles, its values, to the last corner, we want to transform this municipality into one of the most important municipalities at the national level in the training of athletes, in the support of high-level athletes who represent us both nationally and internationally, and these are the important stages”.

The semi-finals and the final will be broadcast live on ESPN.

sports clinics

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday during the tournament, three free tennis courses will be organized for girls, boys and young people from the fifteen municipalities in the region. In addition, a tennis clinic will be held on the center court of the tournament, which will be attended by young people with motor and cognitive impairments.

Faced with this proposal, the regional councilor Ximena Ampuero, president of the health and sports commission, stressed that “these are activities that are not only for entertainment, for people who can come to see this type of tournament , but who also have to do to be able to include boys, girls and teenagers in activities like this, so that they can see and be motivated”.

The regional councilor, Paola Cortés, added that this tournament serves so that “our young people and our children have access to be able to be in front of this sport that was previously only elite, so that boys from urban and rural areas arrive, who can have this contact with Horacio de La Peña and they can be in a clinic of this high level, I really think it is priceless”.

Each clinic will be one hour long and will be performed by the most outstanding players of the tournament, with the aim of promoting physical activity from an early age and creating a lasting bond. The activity consists of games with tennis rackets and low pressure balls.


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