Las Bravas FC, the series that changes the way women’s football is viewed

A group of young women, passionate about football, will have to face the tyranny of a famous player in the Mexican series “Las Bravas FC”, a story that approaches women’s sport from a more dignified and demanding point of view.

“I think that despite everything, in this society, we have to learn a lot about women’s football and this project is a step to open the conversation on how to represent it on screen and bring another dynamic”, explains Ana Valeria Becerril, actress of the series.

From his point of view, men’s football is always surrounded by questions of power, money, fame and controversy, which although they were raised at the start of Las Bravas FC, this is the starting point. criticize this industry.

The great reality of the Zaruma tigrillo

“If we highlight something, it’s that it’s a sport that is done as a team and is played with friends. That’s how cute this series is“.

For Becerril, viewers will become fans of the club by watching the episodes. “We want you to be excited to see this teamgetting mad at them when they don’t win and that’s something everyone can sympathize with.”

Breaking macho schemes

Mauricio Ochmann plays Roberto Casas, a self-absorbed world-renowned footballer who will lose all his money and international influence and will have to return to his hometown on the Mexican coast, where he will be forced to to form a group of teenage recruits.

“Roberto Casas becomes the representation of this macho society with retrograde and old thoughtsand that part of only supporting male and male players,” says Ochmann.

“What pleased me the most was being able to give women the place they deserve, that they have always deserved, and it is very well represented“.

The team is made up of Becerril, Keyla Caputo, Kariam Castro, Esmeralda Soto, Paola Cuarón and Mariané Cartas. For Ochmann, having worked with so many women kept him abreast of feminist movement affection and humor.

“There are several anecdotes with them, that they clung to a concept and I joked a lot like Roberto Casas. They debated the matter and got angry, and I think it’s good that they bring it all“.

A pioneering series

‘Las Bravas FC’ is the first project of the Mexican influencer Soto Emeraldpopular on social networks for her humor and her feminist positions.

She says one of the biggest opportunities the project gave her was make peace with footballwhom he has always considered masculine.

“Tania (the role played by Soto) helped me stop thinking that we can’t play sports. I’ve been doing them since I was a kid, but I’ve watched football and I felt it was for men“recalls the actress.

“(In the Bravas team) they helped me to break down the mental barriers, these ideas that we created, it was a journey of self-loveknowing that I am unstoppable and losing the fear of the ball, ”he admits.

For her part, Iran Castillo will be the teacher who guides and helps these young women, solidarity and closeness.

“It’s nice to find a teacher who is also your friend and to be able to feel that connection. Her character, Flor, promotes a friendship, she loves them, cares for them and defends them,” Castillo says.

She considers it “a very well done series, very natural and with real everyday life characters“, he ends.

Las Bravas FC was created on May 5 and is available for Latin America on hbo-max.

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