Fernando Roig, the businessman who loved football

The businessman Fernando Roig, who is now twenty-five years old as president of Villarreal CF, has loved football with passion since he was little, he played with his brothers and dreamed of being a footballer until what he can achieve in another aspect, as president of a club that has risen from almost nothing to the top.

His relationship with football was centered on Valencia, of which his brother Paco was president in the last years of the last century, so he had an up-close experience that helped him learn first-hand the good and the bad of this world. . .

After collaborating as a young man with the family meat business and later opening a personal niche at the professional level, he took charge of Pamesa, which he joined fifty years ago now, and where he developed his most important project.

Under his leadership, the ceramics company based in Almazora, a neighboring town of Via-real, made a definitive leap and became one of the world leaders.

This growth made Roig think of another way to “give back to society what he has earned in the business chapter”. For this reason, together with his brother Juan, he decided to bet on basketball and entered fully into the Pamesa project, a team representative of the city of Valencia, of which he was president and with which he won the Copa del Rey 1998. I already have basketball and football combined.

As for Villarreal, Fernando Roig had chosen a year earlier to take over the shares of the club in the neighboring town of his company and for this it is essential to understand that the president of Pamesa Cerámica was a regular at Vila-real, since his friends and many ceramic entrepreneurs have their professional meeting point in this city.

In this way, the president made the situation of Villarreal known first hand, to which he added that his brother Paco’s Valencia has signed an agreement with the people of Castellón so that the club has a means of economic improvement. and sports, to which is added the approach with José Manuel Llaneza, councilor of the club.

After a few years, in 1997, a key moment came for Villarreal as an entity, since the president, Pascual Font de Mora, was ill, forcing his family to make decisions and Roig considered entering a sports project in the province of Castellón, where he had formed his professional life.

Llaneza was aware of this interest and decided to offer him the possibility of taking over Villarreal’s shares and keeping the Font de Mora project alive. For Roig, Villarreal was a good option, because it was a club that was in the second division, a project in which he could realize his idea without facing anyone, as well as a chance to fully enter the world of football.

With Llaneza as manager, Roig joined with the aim of bringing Villarreal to the first division in three years by improving the entity and its facilities and betting on the career. Thus began his constant dedication to the entity that has ceased to be just the team of a city of 50,000 inhabitants to establish itself nationally and internationally.

Meanwhile, the city of Vila-real decided to make him an adopted son in recognition of his contribution to a place that has changed a lot in the quarter century in which Roig has grown the club.

Javier Mata


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