Royal Society | ‘Chini Pizarro’: ‘I’ve been through a lot in football, but this final touched my heart’

This Sunday, La Real wants to put the icing on the cake of an unforgettable season that will end with obtaining second place and, above all, the classification of the blue and white team for the Women’s Champions League. All is praise for a group of footballers who have made history and who will carry the shield of the txuri-urdin club in Europe next season. This past May 8 will go down in Real Madrid history as the date on which obtaining an unforgettable second place was mathematically certified.

We see that May is the month of the Royal Women. Today, May 11, three years have passed since the greatest achievement achieved by the football section with obtaining this title of the Copa de la Reina. Los Cármenes de Granada was the scene of a feat that will go down in history. That goal by Nahikari García half an hour from time secured a title celebrated in style. It is the triumph of a generation of footballers who marked a before and an after, led by Gonzalo Arconada who could not find a better end to his tenure as coach of the women’s team.

A La Real, on May 11, had to come back because in the 16th minute, Esther González, now a Real Madrid player, had already given Atlético the advantage, who was touted as the big favorite to win the title. However, Real did not give up and just three minutes later equalized thanks to Kiana Palacios who had the collaboration of Lola Gallardo, who incomprehensibly escaped the weak blow of the former Real player. But the ecstasy came with a goal from Nahikari García half an hour from time. That of Urnieta celebrated it with the stands, with envy. The final whistle caused an explosion of uncontrollable joy, as “Chini” Pizarro, title of this magical night, recalls.

“Remembering that final in Los Cármenes makes me happy,” admits the current Sporting de Huelva footballer. “It was a historic event, going far beyond the fact that we weren’t the favourites. We had nothing to lose and everything went well,” the midfielder recalled. La Real succeeded, on that magical night, in overturning a match which “very quickly turned against us”, he recalls. “We knew that Atlético de Madrid was a very strong rival, that they had just won the League. They had very high level players like Hermoso, Esther, Ludmila or Ángela Sosa, but our strength was the group, the collective and we didn’t fall apart”, underlines the Madrilenian. “Thanks to an error by Lola, we got back into the game”, thanks the ex-white and blue, for whom the key to victory was the start of the second half. “That, with the support of the people, gave us wings and that’s what lifted us up. It’s true that we suffered in the last minutes, but the victory was better savored with this support from the fans. and knowing how to suffer,” he says.

The joy came after the final whistle, the hugs, the tears of happiness… “These are moments when you may want to explain them, you have no words and you keep them to yourself”, underlines the footballer grateful, how could it be otherwise, to his family, for the effort to get to Granada. “We managed to give him this little reward and it goes down in history,” he says. “We had almost no beer to celebrate”remembers Pizarro. “It’s the trick not to leave favorite”, he remarks, but later the thorn was removed, at night in Granda and then in Donostia. “We barely slept, we got up early because we had the plane already in the morning. The reception in Zubieta, then in the Diputación, the town hall, the food and, finally, the finish in Anoeta during a match of the men’s team against Real Madrid. Everything went perfectly,” considered.

“What Real have achieved this year has a lot of value

In the opinion of the ex-white, “It has a lot of value” what Real have done this season. He attaches importance to the fact that the club “continues to bet on the career with people from outside, who feel identified with the values ​​of Real, which is the most important”. He understands that second place is something “historic”, because it will be to play the Champions League next season. “It’s an experience that I recommend to players, which they appreciate because it doesn’t happen every day”, he warns, but not only the players, but also the club and the supporters. “That they don’t come, because football is about moments. Today you are doing very well and the same, next year, it will be less well. That they continue to bet on women’s football, that they never tire of encouraging them because Real is what it is thanks to the supporters”. Chini will never forget what happened in Granada: “I have been through a lot, but this final is something unforgettable and with which I feel identified. It touched my heart a lot and I will always be grateful for the treatment that the fans of txuri-urdin gave me “.

Madrid athlete: Gallardo, Robles (Kalligari, min.79), Aleixandri, Tounkara, Menayo (Falcón, min.69), Sosa, Meseguer (Olga, min.88), Sampedro, Hermoso, Esther (Dolores, min.90) and Ludmila.
Actual company: Quiñones, Iraia, Nuria Mendoza, Etxezarreta, Beltrán (Soldevila, min.80), Chini, Baños, Palacios (Olaizola, min.77), Marta Cardona (Manu, min.69), Nerea Eizagirre (Bautista, min.87) and Nahikari.
Goals: 1-0, min. 16: Esther; 1-1 mins. 19: Palace; 1-2 mins. 60: Nahikari.
Arbitrator: Martinez Madrona. He berated mattress player Tounkara and realist Iraia.


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